If you told me six months ago that I would lose my big-girl writing job to a global pandemic, I would have laughed in your face. Life has thrown some clusterfucks my way for sure, but that would be the cruelest joke the universe could slap me with. 

But, alas, here I am. I have lost the big-girl writing job that offered me healthcare and paid days off, and I am now in lockdown with no clue how to pay rent next month. Safe to say, drinking four bottles of merlot the first week after losing my job was a very justified form of coping. Jeff Siepman T6grlxowks4 Unsplash (1)

At a time like this, I am usually much more self-destructive than four bottles of wine in a week. Usually, when my world decays to a morbid standstill, I gain at least ten pounds, sleep for eighteen hours a day, and yell at my mom for not remembering that time she forgot to pick me up from middle school. Surprisingly enough, I can toot my own horn at how well I am handling this.

Sure, I am being crushed by the constant anxiety of this global crisis and wondering if I will ever get another job before getting kicked out of my apartment, but I can still find little enjoyments to get me by.

Pretty certain we have all heard the saying, “Enjoy the little things”. This is easy to say, but it is definitely a tough one to follow through on. Especially if you’re someone like me with a constant chip on their shoulder and a heart as black as morning coffee after a rough night. However, it is this well-known saying that has kept me from absolutely spiraling.

While many of us are losing our jobs and maybe even sanity during isolation, looking at the little enjoyments can make all the difference—at least for me anyway. Here are a few things that help me look on the brighter side of impending doom:

More Time With Dakota

Img 4742One of the biggest and brightest shining beacons of joy in my life, since losing my job and enduring quarantine, is that I haven’t had one piece of clothing soaked in my dog’s pee. Yes, that was an ongoing struggle in my household. Now that I can take her on walks three times a day and provide all the cuddles I can as her emotional support human, she has never been happier. Having her by my side through all of this to give love and comfort certainly helps being stuck inside all day.

Focus on Writing

One thing my writing job always interfered with my writing. I would come home from working an eight-hour day only to work six more hours writing for my part-time job. Then on the weekends, I would serve at a restaurant for extra money. To say the least, I was beyond exhausted and gripping on to whatever energy my dwindling youth could supply. This left almost no room to write my own personal blogs which killed me. Now that I’m in quarantine with only a part-time job to survive on, I actually have the time to write (which is why you are here reading this now). 


Still Have My Part-time Writing Job

I am lucky enough to still have one of my jobs, at least for now. Even though it is part-time and I still need unemployment to get me by, I am lucky that I have some income every couple of weeks. Whenever I feel myself stressing over money, I have to remember that it can be a lot worse and to be grateful for what I do have. 

Mad Chef Skills

Ever since lockdown, I have been able to cook more. Usually, I have to prep all of my meals ahead of time because my schedule before quarantine left absolutely no time to cook something new every night. Nadine Primeau Blkt8wgv0i Unsplash

With all the time that I have now, I’ve become a master at making tofu bacon, almond milk, peanut butter, various ramens, and gourmet dog treats. This is a dope way to pass the time and show off to my friends via FaceTime.

Getting More Exercise

Never thought I’d ever say this in my entire life, but exercising is what I look forward to most during the day. It’s the one time that I am allowed to leave my house, besides grocery shopping, and actually bask in the sunlight for more than 15 minutes. Other than offering freedom from the small enclosure of my studio apartment, exercising just puts me in a better mood. I sincerely thought “endorphins” was a bull-shit conspiracy, but Elle Woods was right—endorphins do make you happy. My mood has gotten a lot better ever since I started running more often. 


Whatever your little things are, embrace them. Whether it’s trying out insane makeup looks to take selfies, spending more time at home with your family, or finally being able to poop without fear of your co-workers hearing you, embrace it. Find your little enjoyments!