With my birthday in July and three months down this journey, it feels like I have so much to do a so little time to do it. I made these goals to challenge myself and to push me to my absolute limit. Machu Picchu still feels like a far-off dream and I’ve been putting off a month without alcohol for as long as possible. These goals are still in constant rotation in my mind, begging to be fulfilled and accomplished.  

So far, I have been able to knock a few off of my list. This is a short (nearly microscopic) overview of what I have done so far:

Getting Rid of Clothes

This was one of the first goals I knew I could get out of the way fast and easy. It took me a couple of hours to weed through what I should keep, give away, throw away, and so on. Then, I had to do it all over again because it only ended up being about three items of clothing in my first round of apparel purging. I don’t understand my strange affliction for keeping clothes I haven’t worn in ten years, but I’m proud to say I was able to clear an entire drawer and a large portion of my closet to donate. Honestly, the best decision I ever made. I had way too many clothes.

Not Using Dating Apps

Now, this paragraph will soon become its own blog post entirely, but so far I have not redownloaded Tinder or any other dating app. Finding men out in the world instead of swiping on my phone has been a challenge for someone as socially awkward as me. I also haven’t been making it a major priority to find someone when I’ve been doing pretty well on my own for almost a year now. While there have been some flirtations with a sea captain and a best friend’s brother (again, a story for another time), I’ve been single for so long that I’d prefer a new relationship, flirtationship, situationship, or whatever you call it not to ruin the good thing I have going on with myself. 

Eye Appointment and Doctor Appointment Booked

Thankfully, I finally have insurance after years of hoping prayer and green tea was the answer to perfect health. Even though it isn’t much of insurance at all, it’s enough for it not to cost an arm and a leg for me to get a check-up. After three or four years of literally walking blindly through life,  I will finally have a new pair of glasses. I’m pretty nervous about the check-up since I haven’t been in a while, but it is a part of my goals and the appointment is booked so I am going. Fingers crossed the worst that will happen is a shot!

Attended Habitat for Humanity Orientation

To my surprise, there is a Habitat for Humanity in Philadelphia! I have always been inspired by the work they do and was thrilled when they let me attend an orientation. This took place about a month ago and my schedule has been pretty crazy ever since, but I have all the papers signed and all that is left to do is to pick a day to go out a volunteer at of their building sites or in the Restore. I don’t know if it’s the best idea to give me a hammer, but I promise to do more good than harm. I hope.


This was the goal that I didn’t see happening for quite some time. When I wrote down for the first time, I continued scratching it out then writing it back down over and over. After years of applying and trying to get my foot in the door, I was finally able to land a writing job at an advertising company. I truly didn’t believe I’d be able to accomplish this goal, but it pushes me in the right direction of my other goals and will help me get to where I need to be faster.

Although there is not much at all here, there is something.  And there is certainly more to come! Check back and see what I cross off the list next.