Firstly, I have not forgotten about my 26 goals. As I sat on the couch over the past few weekends, elbows deep into a bag of cheese puffs and rewatching “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, I thought about writing. Then I thought about how great it would be to watch another movie, take a nap, and become love within the deep realms of sleep and infinite distraction. 

For some reason, when I created this list of things I wanted to do and accomplish before I turned 27, I didn’t really consider how exhausted I would actually be. Who would have thought that after years of procrastination and putting things off, jumping into a new project would make me tired? 

Dropping my bad habits wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I hit my goals hard and without hesitation or much thought to it. I believed jumping in and forcing myself to be a more proactive person would somehow turn me into one. However, it isn’t that simple. Slowly but surely, I began to lose steam, forget about my schedule, dread my goals, and lose my overall passion for this project. 

Although my mind was reeling over the big goals and what I needed to do to get there, I was still not doing anything about them. It wasn’t until I was talking on the phone with my sister after I accomplished a small goal of cleaning out my closet and she said to me that she couldn’t wait to read about it on my blog. 

Then it hit me: MY. BLOG.  

Suddenly the last two months hit me like a bag of dirty regret and embarrassment. I’d been putting off the one thing that was supposed to be motivating me to try harder and to get off me of my ass. And yet, my ass is where I stayed for two months. Two whole, nothing-filled months. 

Instead of sitting in a procrastination nation for the next nine months until my birthday in July, I am forcing myself to write this blog and admit the embarrassing amount of time I have spent from putting pen to paper. Or, well, fingertips to keyboard. While I may not have a lot of readers right now, I know I have some of them who I pledged to keep up with. More importantly, I promised myself that I would do this. 

So I invite you, whoever you are or wherever you may be reading this from, to my “Catch Up With Me” series. For a week straight I will be publishing one article a day. I’m hoping this series will help remotivate me to get back on this blog and back on my passion. 

This microblog is the first entry of the week and helping me slowly sip my toes back in the waters of productiveness. Stay tuned!